Digital Warrior Foundation

Empowering Resiliency across the force, family, and alumni




Who We are:

The Digital Warrior Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to supporting the force (active duty military members and civilians), their families and alumni of the Special Operations Forces elite cyber operations units. 


The Digital Warrior Foundation’s Mission is simple: Providing the men and women of the Special Operations Forces premier cyber operations units with full-spectrum resiliency support services to strengthen the force, family and alumni, year-round and without hesitation. 

Our Guiding Principles:

·         Put force and family first

·         Find a way to say ‘yes’ to force and family needs

·         Expense funds judiciously. It’s never about the money; it’s about the services the money can enable

·         Accomplishing the mission at all cost

·         Do what is right, regardless of the situation

·         Build and maintain unparalleled relationships with ALL Foundation supporters

·         Be results oriented; results are the ONLY thing that matter

·         Build numerous and diverse strategic alliances and partnerships


The Foundation is committed to supporting the force and family both monetarily and through provision of services in a variety of areas.  Examples include:  

·         Assisting with emergency travel arrangements for the family of deployed unit members

·         Assuming the financial and logistical effort involved in organizing unit events (e.g. annual unit birthday gala, family days, unit welcome and farewells, alumni reunions)

·         Providing grants and scholarships to children and spouses of unit members 

Unit personnel make tremendous sacrifices for our nation.  The DWF seeks to enhance members lives by decreasing stressors and increasing their professional and familial resiliency. The Foundation strives to absorb and alleviate ALL of these stressors from the Unit member’s daily lives in order to increase their work effectiveness and efficiency, which makes our Nation stronger and safer.   The Foundation enables its members to be better husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers – strengthening the family unit. 

The DWF provides these services through public and private donations, as well as through fostering strategic alliances and partnerships with service providing organizations. We appreciate your willingness to partner with the Digital Warrior Foundation and look forward to fostering a long-term relationship with you and/or your organization.